Custom Intranet Application/Software

Cloud and Internal BMS (Business Management System) software to meet your user, business and IT needs, scalable to grow as you grow

What is intranet?

Intranet is private and internal secured network that used to share information effectively within a company.

What is Intranet Application?

Intranet application optimizes exiting business processes to centralize information, reduce complexity and maximize productivity.

Benefit to having intranet application with WebnSYS Technologies:

Our Intranet application is professionally design to

  • Improves work efficiency, security and profitability especially when company is spread out geographically
  • Increase your profitability by engaging employees
  • Manage and improve business processes and collaboration more efficiently
  • Improve performance and security to gain customer ratings
  • Increase your revenue per employee and help you stand out from your competition

Corporate Intranet Application

Corporate Intranet Application to fast track your Small, Medium and Large Business Management System (BMS)

Finance Intranet Application

Finance Intranet Application to enhanced performance of your Finance/Billing or Accounting System

Healthcare Intranet Application

Healthcare Intranet Application to superior management of your Laboratories/Medical Centre or Hospital processes

Web/Mobile Intranet Application

Android and iOS Mobile/Web Intranet Application that connect to your workforce from anywhere